DCC Second Graders Inspired During Library Class


The students in DCC’s second grade were having their weekly library class this Friday.  They searched for books to read and were guided by Librarian, Mrs. Elaine Jacob and her assistant, Mrs. Angela Labenne.  One young man has read every book the library has on tractors and was hoping to find books on a related topic.  A few of the girls were interested in I am Pusheen the Cat, for which there is a waiting list.  All of the students seemed to find something that interested them.  Surprisingly many of them chose non-fiction books to learn more about an interest or hobby.

Students quietly listened as Mrs. Jacob read a story about a visit to the library, and then shared their ideas for animal visitors to a library from monkeys to a panther.  Their imaginations were working well.

A favorite reading spot is the Dewey Decimal System Carpet in the back corner.  According to Mrs. Jacob, the older students are learning the system and it is a teaching tool as well as a comfortable reading spot.  The library is currently working on increasing its reference section for young people


Gifts to the elementary library, both memorials and celebrations (births, birthdays, etc.), are sincerely welcomed, and may be made by contacting the librarian, at the following address:

Elaine Jacob, Librarian
DuBois Central Catholic Elementary School
200 Central Christian Road
DuBois, PA  15801