DCC 5th Graders Create STREAM Projects as Part of Native American Unit

As a complement to the Native American Unit that DCC’s 5th graders are learning about with their social studies teacher, Mrs. Kristy Snyder, students were able to work on STREAM activities related to different groups.

Mrs. Chris Felix, the elementary STREAM facilitator, helped to create the stations that allow students to build and develop projects that were first used by these amazing cultures.  This is a 5 week rotation lesson allowing each child to get a turn at each station.

In one station students are reminded that the Haudenosaunee people tell a story of how they came to play lacrosse.  Students made a lacrosse stick and tried to pass a ball to another player.

In the second station, students considered that the Comanche used the horse to improve their way of life. So they made a paper walking horse through reverse engineering and worked to get the horse to travel down a ramp.

In a third station, students studied Hopi masks used in ceremonies and dance rituals.  They constructed masks with egg cartons, beads, and feathers.

Finally, students were fascinated by the Aztecs who ingeniously built floating gardens to feed their enormous population. They made “rafts” out of sticks and grew food on top of the “rafts”.  The students built a “floating” garden that will grow a bean plant out of sticks, leaves, rope, and dirt.

Students have come to appreciate the ingenuity of Native Americans as they work on each project and make connections between history and many STREAM concepts.