DCC Students Who are Volunteer Firefighters Teach Preschool about Fire Safety

A new addition to a lesson in fire prevention for the preschool class at DCC was the presentation by student volunteer firefighters.  Mrs. Morgan’s preschool class enjoyed meeting some of the impressive DCC high school students who serve their communities as firefighters.

Preschool enjoyed seeing their friends from high school go over the type of gear that firefighters wear. They tried on gloves and hats.  They also learned how to crawl to safety and how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll”.

Many of the preschoolers had questions and wanted to high-five these courageous young people for being brave enough to help others.

DCC is very proud of our Cardinal Firefighters who presented to the three preschool classes- They include:

  • Aaron Gankosky
  • Devin Suplizio
  • Abby Suplizio
  • Peyton Suplizio
  • Jack Roy
  • Mitch Klark
  • Tristan Sedor