Makerspace Workshop at DCC In-Service Inspires Teachers

DCC is committed to providing curriculum that integrates STREAM (Science, Math, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) for students in PK-12.  Therefore, the in-service this past week was focused on the school’s Makerspace room. The makerspace room is a place where students can experiment and create things. It is a combination between a science lab, workshop, computer lab, and art room.  Students  learn creative ways to design, experiment, build, and invent as they engage in STREAM lessons.

Ben Brobst, an IU6 education program specialist, led the teachers in an exercise titled “Design Dash” where they discussed a common problem and then made a plan to solve it.  The teachers used the resources, machines, and technology in the makerspace room to fabricate solutions and then shared their creations.

These opportunities for professional development offer our teachers the strategic support they need, so they can deliver the best education available for all students.  The activities provided new opportunities for educators  to reflect on practice, share their best ideas, and collectively problem solve.  All of these are important skills for addressing the need for innovation and critical thinking that will help students meet the challenges of the future.