DCC Seniors Provide Eucharistic Themed Retreat for Third Grade


A group of DCC seniors put their faith into action this week to create activities and lessons for the third grade class retreat.  Under the direction of their theology teacher and Central’s Campus Minister, Mrs. Becky Dutra, the seniors chose stories to read and found and devised games for the third grade students related to the Eucharist.

Since the third graders will receive their First Communion this spring, they are just beginning to learn more deeply about the sacrament.  They enjoyed a craft activity that allowed them to make ciborium and chalices like the priest uses during Mass.

There was also a round or two of Eucharist Bingo – a great Catholic pass-time.

According to Mrs. Dutra, “Seeing the older students teach the younger ones about their faith is the perfect expression of the school’s mission in action.”

Other classes in the elementary will benefit from this cross-age experience for retreats later this year.   The elementary students respond well to learning from their friends from the high school, and the high school students enjoy the interaction and sharing their beliefs.