DCC Fifth Graders Solve a Mystery Using Forensic Science

Students in Mrs. Kristy Snyder’s class had an educational lesson as part of their Halloween festivities.  They used simulated blood to learn about the the different blood types and the positive and negative antigens in blood.  They were able to add blood to chemicals to see the reaction and then type the blood and describe the results.

This activity was just a part of a crime scene mystery.  Jewels were stolen from a jewelry story.   The fifth graders had to investigate the crime scene and solve the mystery to find the criminal.   Students dusted for fingerprints,  analyzed ink, completed blood type analysis, and flame tested fibers that were found at the scene.

Doing the blood analysis allowed students to match the blood that was found at the crime scene to the blood of the four suspects.

Students were excited to be “forensic scientists in the making” on a day full of fun and excitement.