DuBois Central Catholic Junior Class Partners with Jefferson County Children and Youth Services


Deb Kruise, Contributor

Juniors at DuBois Central Catholic decided to assist Jefferson County Children and Youth Services Christmas Campaign for their junior class service project.

The students sponsored two children.  They were given a wish list for each child and then purchased as many items from the lists that they could.  According to junior, Rose Whipple, “We purchased everything the children wanted and a little bit more.  We figured we are going to give these kids a good Christmas.  That was the most important thing to a lot of us.  We realized we all take a lot for granted so we wanted to do all we could.”

Melissa George, CYS Program Specialist, explained that each year Jefferson CYS does a small Christmas campaign for their agency.  The campaign sponsors families already in their care and new families currently involved with CYS.  Case workers meet with families to determine their eligibility. The families create a wish list.  George said, “We explain to the children that we cannot guarantee they will receive everything on their list.  As an agency, we do not expect in any way, shape or form for the lists to be totally fulfilled.  This is amazing what these students have done, fulfilling the lists and more.  The gifts will go right to children in our own community and it really helps families with their Christmas.”