DCC First Grade Enacts “The Polar Express” Train Ride

The beloved children’s book, The Polar Express, has been a part of Christmas week for first graders at DCC for many years thanks to retired teachers, Mrs. Brenda Aravich and Mrs. Barb Dettore.   The current first grade students, Mrs. Jen Pisarcik and Ms. Nicole Finalle brought that treasured activity to life again on Monday, December 20.

Students dressed in pajamas listened intently as the story was read and then moved through the halls to the sound of the train whistle mimicking the movement of the train. The students had to get their tickets punched along the way.  Eventually they returned to their classroom where “Santa” had left a bag with jingle bells from his sleigh outside the door so that each student could have one.

Later in the day they decorated sugar cookies shaped like a Christmas tree and drank some hot chocolate just like the kids in the story.  They also did other Polar Express themed activities in their classes.

Finally, in the afternoon they enjoyed watching The Polar Express in the auditorium.

May we all believe as they do in the Spirit of Christmas