Middle School Relives the Decades During Catholic Schools Week

As Catholic Schools Week is going on, the middle school is reliving the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s with their “Through the Decades” theme


Middle school students wearing 80’s inspired clothes.

Aurea Slimak

Catholic Schools week is all about celebrating Catholic education throughout the country, so what better way to celebrate than have some fun with themed dress down days and activities? All the activities along with the themes were put together by middle school teachers.

After a lot of hard work, the middle school hallways were completely decked in 70’s through 2000’s clothes, posters, books, games, and so much more stuff from the past. “A lot of us brought in some of our personal items to decorate the hallway,” Mrs. Nelson said. “Til Vintage was so generous and let us borrow some amazing vintage memorabilia also.” Along with the decorations filling the hallway, everyone has been dressing in outfits inspired by decades.

Monday was 70’s themed, with bell bottom pants and peace signs. On Tuesday, everyone wore 80’s themed clothes, which meant jean jackets, neon colors, and big hairstyles. Wednesday was mass day, so everyone wore their usual uniforms and mass sweaters.

As a Catholic school, it’s important to have mass every week to remind all students and teachers what our school is about. “I think it’s important to celebrate what makes our school special and different from other schools,” Mrs. Rice said when asked what was important about Catholic Schools Week to her.

Thursday’s sledding was cancelled due to the flex day and freezing rain, but the middle school was still able to dress down in their 90’s attire, which mainly consisted of band t-shirts, flannels, and ripped jeans. Weather didn’t stop a fun day with a Scattergories game show. Mrs. Rice hosted, Mrs. Stewart kept score, and the middle school staff served as the celebrity panel. “The kids all seemed to enjoy it, and we had a lot of fun putting it together,” Mrs. Rice said.

Friday was a remote learning day, so that meant 2000’s day was cancelled. It was rescheduled for Tuesday and was a great last day finish the exciting week. The day started off with a “Mean Girls” based activity, followed by snacks, pet rocks, 80’s themed break out box, another game show, and friendship bracelets.

Both students and teachers seemed to enjoy the week. “My favorite part of the week was sharing my favorite memories with students on being a student at DCC, movies of the time, and music,” Mrs. Kramer said. That was exactly the point of this nostalgic week — to bring back memories of a different time. “My favorite day was the 70’s because we could get very creative with the outfits,” 7th grader Ava Gressler said. “And my favorite activity was when we did the game show because I feel like it was fun for everyone and a good opportunity to bring the whole middle school together by working as a team.”

Catholic Schools Week was a success this year, with students and teachers all seeming to have a great time. Everyone was able to experience four decades of fashion, music, and the most importantly, Catholic education. Let’s hope next year will be just as fun!