Elementary Explores Candy Land


Mrs. Pompeii and her kindergarten class in their wacky clothes.

Olivia Helm

Elementary students were transported to a magical land during Catholic School’s Week — Candy Land!

Art students devised candy-inspired art and decorated the hallways, while teachers lent a hand by designing plenty of colorful and delightful activities for their students.

On Monday, elementary students enjoyed a lax day in their pajamas. How cozy! The kids lounged around with Lord Licorice and celebrated our community.

Tuesday was dedicated to teachers and staff. The elementary students dressed up in their wackiest clothes and enjoyed a day in Gumdrop Forest. To complement their day in Gumdrop Forest, some students assembled miniature candy castles as a STREAM project. This is one of the colorful activities teachers enlisted students to make as a way to learn and have fun while celebrating Catholic Schools Week.

Wednesday was mass day, so naturally, the students celebrated Church Vocations. Students came to school in the Mass uniform. However, Queen Frostine from the Frosty Palace came by to give all the elementary students some delicious vanilla ice cream.

“It was like I was in a world of ice cream. It was like there was a chocolate fountain because they put so much chocolate syrup on it! It was so yummy!” One student said.

“There was a chocolate drizzle and there was whipped cream. They also had sprinkles, but I didn’t get any. It was really good” another student added.

On Thursday, kids were ecstatic about a dance party in Lollipop Lane! The students came to school dressed in bright, neon colors to party and celebrate our Nation! Lollipop Lane was filled with bright hues, neon lights, and multi-colored balloons. Students roamed and danced to their favorite hit songs. An abundance of smiles and laughter filled the room!

Although Friday’s events were rescheduled due to a virtual day, Catholic Schools Week was still a tremendous success! Let’s hope future years are just as wonderful!