Valentine’s Day Q&A


Olivia Helm, Guest Writer

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we went around and surveyed several students and teachers. They enjoyed a pink, red, and white dress-down day, and were asked several Valentine’s Day-themed questions.

When you open a box of chocolates, what is the first one you go for?

  • The truffles because they’re usually the prettiest.
  • The caramel ones. They’re the best.
  • The one that is peanut butter filled… hopefully they all are.

What is your favorite romance film?

  • The Princess Bride.
  • You’ve Got Mail.
  • The Titanic. Not my favorite, but it’s the only one I can think of.

If you could relive one experience with a loved one, what would it be?

  • The day we got married. We were so young and the day went so fast. Plus, many of our family members were still with us.
  • Our first kiss.
  • I went to New Orleans with my family for a wedding. It was fun. I would love to go again.

Would you rather receive 100 roses or 100 pieces of chocolate?

  • Chocolate, because roses die. Chocolate lives forever.
  • Roses. They will last longer than chocolate.
  • Roses, because I don’t want my heart to stop.

Do you prefer homemade or store-bought gifts?

  • I don’t mind homemade. They’re cute. But I love expensive stuff.
  • Homemade, but store-bought can be nice. It’s really the thought that counts.
  • I mean, diamonds are a girl’s best friend… but I have everything in life that I need. Homemade are the best because they truly come from the heart.

Thanks for sharing, DCC!