DCC Music Program

Mrs. Forsyth brings color and play to music classes


DCC 2nd graders enjoying a dance party and freezing when the music stops

Aurea Slimak, Guest Writer

DCC’s elementary art and music teacher, Mrs. Forsyth, is completely changing the way music is taught, viewed, and enjoyed this year. She is using interactive games, rhymes, and things her elementary students would know and love like colors and numbers to explain the beauty of music and song. Her mission is to take things they already know and turn them into a brand new language — music.

Mrs. Forsyth subbed for DCC for two years, until she was hired as a part-time elementary art teacher in 2019. In 2020, she was made a part-time music teacher in addition to her previous job. This year, she’s taken on the role of full-time elementary art and music teacher along with teaching a high school vocal class and directing the musical. “I want people to enjoy creating, performing, and making decisions to put on a good show,” Mrs. Forsyth said. “I want them to learn the art of theater.”

Things have been very different in the music classroom this year. The environment is filled with colors, toys, and beanbags. Mrs. Forsyth’s approach to music is fun and interactive. She believes kids learn best by playing and doing things they enjoy. One of the many things she was excited about was having the elementary students play on the xylophones and drums, something previous students never got to do.

As a teacher, Mrs. Forsyth likes sharing her gifts with the entire school, just because it brings her joy. “I’ve been a singer and performer my whole life,” Mrs. Forsyth said. Because of this, she also sings at mass weekly with the choir.

When asked about goals for the future of the music program, Mrs. Forsyth plans on building respect and appreciation for every type of music. She wants students to be able to read music better since only a few that she knows of are able to fluently. This would encourage students to participate in playing instruments during mass, music during school musicals, and just for enjoyment. The music program has been transformed and will hopefully continue to grow and develop.