Teacher’s Pet


Ginger sitting in bed

Aurea Slimak, Guest Writer

The nickname “teacher’s pet” has always been used to make fun of students that are close with teachers, but what about the teachers’ actual pets? Several of DCC’s teachers and administrators have one or more pets at home, and four of them were happy to share some fun facts about their animals.

Mrs. Kramer has a rescue dog at home named Leo. He’s a piebald Dachshund, which means his fur is a mix of white, brown, and black markings. Leo was rescued by the Kramer family in November of 2019 and has been loved by all members ever since. “They love Leo. . . almost too much at times,” Mrs. Kramer said, talking about her kids. When Leo was rescued, he was found not taken care of and underweight. He doesn’t like many people due to trauma as a puppy, but he continues to grow in trusting others every day. Leo is a very smart dog and will sit pretty for a treat. Mrs. Kramer admits she didn’t want a dog, but she loves him a lot and couldn’t imagine her life without him.

Mrs. Felix has three animals: Tucker, a black lab; Miracle, who’s blind; and Ginger. She and her family got Tucker nine years ago, and they all adore him. When Mrs. Felix returns home from work, Tucker greets her with lots of tail wagging and excitement. Tucker is a very sweet and cute dog. He also likes to eat fruits and vegetables, something that most dogs don’t do. Tucker even lets Miracle walk on top of him. Ginger and Miracle are both calico cats. Ginger is known for being scared of her own shadow and one time got a bag stuck on her head until someone found her and helped her.

If you’ve had Mr. Murphy as a teacher before, you’ll know he loves his dogs and will talk about them for hours if given the chance. At the moment, he has two Yorkshire Terriers, Lucy and Rudy. Lucy was added to the family in July of 2020, and Mr. Murphy received Rudy for his birthday last year. As soon as he gets home, Mr. Murphy changes and takes his dogs on a walk. “We go for a walk immediately,” Mr. Murphy said. “They’re my first priority.” Mr. Murphy has had several dogs, all of which have been Yorkies. Both Lucy and Rudy sleep cuddled up with their adopted parents. Lucy especially needs lots of love and is known for jumping on your lap several times a day.

DCC’s vice principal, Mrs. Liddle, has two dogs of her own named Izzy and Mocha. Izzy is an almost-three-year-old black and white Havanese, and Mocha is a one-year-old brown Shih Tzu. Mrs. Liddle got Izzy on August 31st, 2019. She’s had Mocha for almost a year, with the anniversary on April 19th. Both of her dogs are small, but Izzy thinks that she is the biggest dog in her neighborhood, making her the protector. Mocha enjoys almost any type of food she can find, with milkshakes as a special favorite. Mrs. Liddle’s daughters have moved out of the house, but they both love their mom’s dogs. They even have dogs of their own now.

Animals are a very important part of DCC’s teachers’ lives. Some of their pets are even like their own children to them. Students tend to forget that teachers have home lives, but many of them spend their free time cozied up with their pets, enjoying their time off from work.