DCC Sixth Graders Prepare for the Annual Passion Play


A beautiful tradition at DCC is the Passion Play.  Each year the 6th grade takes on the job of preparing and putting on the passion play for the other classes and for their parents. The directors  are Mrs. Jodi Stewart and Mr. Mike Miknis.

The play depicts the trial, suffering and death of Jesus. The meditative performance is a part of the students’ theology class and gives students a better understanding of the heart of the gospel.

The play will be performed in the DCC First Commonwealth Performing Arts Center.  The performance for the elementary students will be Tuesday at 1:00PM.   The performance for the middle and high school students will be Wednesday at 1:30PM, and the final performance for families and the public will be that night at 7:00 PM.
According to director, Mrs. Jodi Stewart, “Each year the students add a new emphasis or dramatic effect to the performance that makes it their own.”  The tradition of acting out the Stations of the Cross helps students to embrace the Lenten season and prepare for Easter.